9th Specialized Conference on Sustainable Viticulture, Winery Wastes & Agro-industrial Wastewater Management - Mons, Belgium, July 3-5, 2019

Tuesday July 2nd, 19 PM

Opening reception (courtyard of « Collège de Houdain », rue de Houdain 9)

Wednesday July 3rd

8:30 - Opening (boulevard Dolez 31, salle Académique, 1st floor)

8:45 - Plenary lecture: Eco-Design of Cellars: Ecological Trends for the Treatment of Winery Wastewaters J. Rochard

Chairman: Prof. R. Chamy

9:45 - Keynote lecture: Nature Based Solutions for Wastewater Valorization: WETWINE Project: R. Pena, S. Gómez, A. Pascual, C. Ávila, L. Herrero, J. A. Alvarez

10:15 – Coffee break

10:30 - Session 1 – Wastewater Characterization, Treatment, Reuse and Valorization (I)

Chairman: Prof. M. Torrijos

Co-chairman: Prof. G. Araujo Pimentel

10:30 - WineWATERFootprint Project: Water Footprint Assessment in the Portuguese Wine Chain A. Saraiva, R. Egipto, P. Presumido, C. Jorge, A. Amaral, A. Castro Ribeiro, A. Ferreira, A. Goncalves,A. Grifo, A. Oliveira, A. Paulo, A. Ribeiro, G. Rodrigues, H. Mamede, H. Mira, J. Sivestre, L. Ferreira, I. Dias, M. Feliciano, P. Oliveira e Silva, S. Ramoa, M. Oliveira

10:50 – On-farm Bioremediation Systems to avoid Point Pollution V. Nelissen, K. Koopmans, D. Bylemans

11:10 - Treated Wastewater Reuse in Viticulture: Case Study of Irri-Alt’Eau Pilot Project F. Etchebarne, J.-L. Escudie, M. Torrijos, N. Wery, D. Patureau, H. Ojeda

11:30 - Characterization and Valorization of Lebanese Wine Industry Wastes S. Azzi-Achkouty, J. Al Assad, C. Karam, L. Joheir, B. Zeghondy, N. Estéphan, Y. El Rayess

11:50 - Overview about the Potential of Winery Wastewater Treatment by Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Production in the South of Brazil G. Araujo Pimentel, L. Marconatto, C. Lovato Melo, F. Dalla-Vecchia

12:10 – Winery Wastewater Conversion into Medium Chain Fatty Acids using Ruminal Microbiome under Anaerobic Conditions S. Villegas-Rodriguez, M. Vital-Jácome, G. Buitrón

12:30 - Lunch break

13:30 – Plenary lecture: How Paraburkholderia phytofirmans strain PsJN helps Vitis vinifera L. to face biotic and abiotic stresses C. Clément

Chairman: Prof. M. Torrijos

14:30 – Keynote lecture: Yeast Deficient in the Tricarbonylic Acid Cycle for Non-Alcoholic Beer Production D. Smogrovicova

15:00 – Coffee break

15:15 - Session 2 – Wastewater Characterization, Treatment, Reuse and Valorization (II)

Chairman: Prof. R. Chamy

Co-chairman: Dr. J. Carrillo-Reyes

15:15 - Trans-resveratrol Recovery from Wine Waste for Dietary Supplement Production C. Kriel, R.W.M. Pott

15:35 – Recovery of Biohydrogen and Volatile Fatty Acids from Winery Effluents using Fixed Biomass Anaerobic Reactors J. Cortez, J. Carrillo

15:55 – CaVin Project: Energy Valorization of Grape Pomace with Hydrodynamic Cavitation N. Labartino, M. Soldano

16:15 – Evaluation of the Inhibition Effect in a UASB Reactor Fed from an Anaerobically Digested Hydrolyzed Sludge Return D. Maureira, D. Jeison, R. Chamy

16:35 - Experiences with The Treatment of Wastewater from Small Breweries by SBR Process (poster introduction) T. Gester, A. Thibault

16:40 – Coffee break

16:55 – Session 3 – Brewery and wine applications

Chairman: Prof. J. Van Impe

Co-chairman: Dr. L. Dewasme

16:55 – Wine Dealcoholisation Using Membrane Distillation F. R. Mir, G. Schories, M. Pauly

17:15 - Treatment of Brewery Wastewater by Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) Combined Membrane Reactor (MBR) H. Chen, S. Chang

17:35 – Data-driven Estimator of Brewery Wastewater Treatment Plant Key Components L. Dewasme, N. Sobry

17:55 – Optimal Control of Beer Fermentation Process using POMODORO S. Bhonsale, V. De Buck, J. A. Joseph, J. Van Impe

Thursday July 4th

8:45 - Plenary lecture: Brewing, Winemaking and Distilling: Overview of Wastewater Treatment and Utilisation Schemes L. Fillaudeau

Chairman: Prof. G. Buitron

9:45 - Keynote lecture: The Added Value of Used Cooperage Wood E. Coelho

10:15 – Coffee break

10:30 - Session 4 – Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Production

Chairman: Prof. D. Jeison

Co-chairman: Dr. M. Sbarciog

10:30 - Revalorization of Sewage Sludge with Grape Marc to Produce Volatile Fatty Acids Through Anaerobic Co-digestion: Assessment of Process Feasibility R. Iglesias-Iglesias, C. Kennes, M. Veiga

10:50 – Batch Hydrogen Production from Winery Effluents and the Effect of Ethanol Concentration K. Muñoz-Páez, J. Cortés-Cervantes, G. Buitrón, J. Carrillo-Reyes

11:10 – Anaerobic Digestion of Winery Effluents using a Two-stage Process G. Buitrón, F. Martínez-Valdez, F. Ojeda

11:30 – Methane Production from Highly Concentrated Red Wine Wastewater M. Vital-Jácome, M. Cazarez-Granillo, G. Buitrón

11:50 - Maximization of Methane Production in Anaerobic Digestion Systems: an Extremum-Seeking Approach M. Sbarciog, A. Vande Wouwer

12:20 – Numerical Implementation of Extremum-seeking Control Schemes in the IWA Anaerobic Digestion Model No. 1 (ADM1) G. Lara-Cisneros, D. Dochain

12:40: Lunch break

13:30 – Plenary lecture: Winemaking fermentation: from online monitoring to modeling and multicriteria optimization J.-R. Mouret

Chairman: Prof. D. Jeison

14:30 – Keynote lecture: Online Biogas Composition Measurement with a Low-Cost Device for Winery Wastewater Treatment Bioreactor D. Balcázar-Torres, M. A. Vital-Jacome, C. Rodriguez Doñate, A. Vargas

15:00 – Coffee break

15:15 - Session 5 – Modeling and Model-Based Analysis

Chairman: Dr. A. Donoso-Bravo

Co-chairman: Prof. A. Vande Wouwer

15:15 – Model-based Assessment of the Influent Distribution System’s Impact on Solid Separation in a UASB Reactor J. Cisneros, F. Cobos, U. Rehman, I. Nopens, A. Alvarado

15:35 – CFD as a Tool for Anaerobic UASB Reactor Design and Operation in Winery and Brewery Wastewater Revalorization A. Donoso-Bravo, J. Rivas, M. C. Sadino-Riquelme, I. Garces, E. Marquez, A. Carvajal

15:55 – Multi-phases Anaerobic Reactor for Industrial Wasterwater Treatment C. Meunier, F. Gritten

16:15 – Anaerobic Digestion, Dynamics and Regions of Attraction: a Koopman Operator Based Approach C. Garcia, M. Sbarciog, E. Mojica, A. Vande Wouwer

16:35 – Modeling of Alcoholic Fermentation in Champagne-production Context R. David, P. Greiner, J. Grimard, F. Litoux-Desrues, A. Humbert-Goffard

16:55 - Multiscale modelling of S. cerevisiae by reducing the complexity of the metabolic network J. A. Joseph, S. Bhonsale, T. de Kinder, V. De Buck, J. Van Impe

17:00 – Coffee break

17:30 - Keynote lecture: The Internet of Water Koen Triangle (IMEC)

18:00 - A Review of Current Research Topics in Agricultural Waste Management and Reuse J. Rochard

18:20 - Flash presentations: The Latest Water Research in Belgium, explained in layman's terms

19:15 - BIWA Awards

19:30 - Networking reception and walking dinner

Friday July 5th

Technical visits and social events

From: Boulevard Dolez 31

Departure Time: 9:00 AM

First visit (around 9:30) : Ruffus Wineyard (Vignoble des Agaises - http://www.ruffus.be), located in Haulchin (22km from Mons)

Second visit (around 11:30) : Biercée Distillery (https://www.bierceedistillery.com), located in Ragnies (44km from Mons)

Conference Lunch (13:00) : Biercée Distillery


You can also download the program here